Blog Day 6


Breakfast was at the teacher’s cabin again. I had some dry Froot Loops and water. After breakfast, we walked down to our service site. After touring the school we were split into groups and began working. At first I was working upstair putting gravel in a flower box. After we put the gravel in, we laid a tarp down and then added dirt. After that, we had a donut break. I had a chocolate donut. After the break, I was told to help dig a trench, so I did. The trench was for a water line, to help water some plants. Then, we were picked up and went to linch. We went back to the same place as a few days before, but I got something else. I got ginger wings, and they were very good. Tyler gave me his because he did not want them. After lunch, we went to the Dive BVI shop and searched for souvenirs. I ended up getting a shirt, a hat, and a keychain. After shopping, we went to the resort and presented our projects. After the presentations, we went to dinner at a beach side restaurant. I hope Doug Kermit could’ve made it. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.  
-Jack Bausbacher