Day 6


Today is the last of the trip. We woke up and ate breakfast at the staff’s cabin. It was cereal and protein bars. After which our driver picked up the group to head down to the school to do work. We went to work first shoveling gravel into a plant display followed by dirt. I used the time to listen to Tyler the creators new Album, Flower Boy. We then worked on digging a ditch where the previous group had done most of the work and all I did was move the dirt next to the holes so they would be easy to refill. Finally we went to mix and pour cement into a hole to install a fence. While mixing the concrete some spilled so we had to scoop wet cement off the grass before it dried. Then we went and had lunch at bath and turtle where I had wings, and after that we went back to the room. I started watching House of Cards which I downloaded off Netflix before the trip and got really into the show before leaving for a delicious dinner and saying goodbye to our Dive BVI staff. After dinner we had cookies and went home in order to get rest before out early flight. All in all, this was a wonderful trip filled with lots of carbs and fun, and I hope to return later on in life to visit. Thank you Jesuit staff for a wonderful trip!