Garrett Tarango – Blog Post 6


Even though this is blog 6 I am writing this on our travel back home.

On our last full day the teachers held breakfast outside of their cabin. Instead of the routine of afterwards heading to the docks, we headed to the main school on the island. For our service project, we were tasked with remodeling part of the school premise. I started off with moving and placing gravel in a small garden where plants were later going to be planted. I then moved to pulling weeds out of the ground in front of the school. Lastly I switched in-between digging an irrigation ditch and helping fill holes with cement. While this wasn’t the most fun part of the trip, in my opinion it was the most rewarding one. Sometimes we get caught up in what we have and don’t realize how lucky we are. When it comes to learning everyone deserves to be on the same level.

After our service project we headed to the Bath and Turtle once again where this time I had ginger wings. Next we headed to the dive shop where I bought a cool shirt and also got some ice cream around the corner.

Afterwards we headed back to the cabins where we had around an hour and a half to prepare to present our projects. Around 4:30 we began presenting and overall I thought we did pretty well. We thought we could have added a bit more but in the end we got an A which was good.

I then spent the next hour getting ready for a fancy dinner at the restaurant Fishermen’s Cove. While there, I ate chicken, potatoes, and macaroni all of which was very good. At the end of the dinner we watched a slide show created by Tara, one of the dive staff members, documenting our week in the BVI. Finally we thanked our dive instructor, Rupert, with a card and headed back to the cabins for an early night’s sleep because we had to wake up around 4:00. 

While the counselors stated that this wasn’t a “vacation” I truly did enjoy this trip. It was a wonderful experience visiting a place so different compared to Dallas, something I can’t say I’ve done very often. I would also like to thank all of the counselors and dive staff members for making this trip happen. If any upcoming juniors or seniors or anyone for that matter are reading this I would highly recommend visiting the BVI.

Well it’s time for me to sign off. Until next time!