Marine Biology Day 6 Blog


Slayton, NicholasFor breakfast, there was an air of solemnity because everyone knew that this was their last night on the island. After we were finished, we went to the nearby high school to help work on it. For the next few hours, I dug a ditch, cut roots, poured in concrete, and pulled up grass with my hands. It was fulfilling work, because the school was far prettier after we worked on it than before. Clearly, the school was in a rather run-down state, but due to the hard and diligent work of my classmates and I, we made it quite beautiful. Personally, I felt very good about myself when we were done, as the job was well done. Once the task was finished, we went to eat lunch, where I ate chicken wings, and conversed with my friends. After lunch, we returned to the hotel so that we could present our projects to the Dive staff and our teachers. The presentation went about as well as I could have hoped, as our group answered all questions that were asked, and the explanations were smooth. Until dinner, I relaxed at our cabin by listening to music and talking. It was a calm few hours, with little pressure because all of our dives and project work was done, so nothing was a pressing matter at that time. For dinner, all of us dressed in nice shorts and polo shirts, and it was a fun night. There were nice little juice drinks, ribs, chicken, macaroni and cheese, and salad. At the end, we watched a little summary of our trip in pictures, and some of them were quite hilarious. Our group made a card for our dive master Zoltan, and shook hands with him thanking him for putting up with us for a week. Finally, when we came back to our hotel, we went to sleep early because tomorrow we would have to wake up at 3.50 to be ready for our boat ride to Tortola and then our plane to Puerto Rico and then to Dallas. Overall, this trip has been a fun experience, and I’m glad I went. Thank you to all of those who read my blogs, even if some of them were rushed because of my exhaustion, otherwise, good night!