Day 6-Week 2-Cole N.


For our last full day in the BVI we began it like we began our first, with breakfast at the teacher’s cabin. The breakfast was just the leftovers from the previous breakfasts meaning there was a lot of the types people didn’t like. After we finished breakfast we went down to the cattleguard to catch our taxi. The first thing we did that day was a service project for the local high school which was in a state of slight disrepair. We began by filling a trench on the second floor with gravel so that we could lay dirt on it later. This was mostly enjoyable because we were in complete shade and didn’t require much effort to shovel the gravel into the trench; however after an hour we had to switch jobs. After that first hour I didn’t have a set job so I went from digging a hole to watering plants and painting a door. When we finally finished with that we went to “The Bath and Turtle” for lunch. After fining our lunch we went to the dive shop to get some souvenirs; however, because I didn’t have any cash on me I didn’t buy anything so I mainly just stood around. When we arrived back at the resort we had to wait about 2 hours before we began our presentation for the dive staff. At 3:10 we began our presentation for the dive staff which we all read parts of our slide show and I belive that we did well. After completing our presentation we got dressed up and went to dinner at a restaurant that was on the beach where we saw a slide show of the entire week that had been put togeather by the dive staff and was well made. When we finally arrived back at the resort we had to pack then go to sleep quickly because we had to wake up at 4:00 tomorrow to catch our flight.